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We have been active in the cosmetics and personalcaresector since 2015. We produce and sell hair care and personal care products with the brand Diamond Hair.
In addition to e-commerce, Instagram and other social media, we sell our products successfully at pharmacies, beauty salons and hairdressers.

Diamond Hair has a wide range and can be used by both women and men.
In 2015 we debuted with Diamond Hair Care Set. The products consist entirely of a combination of vegetable and natural oils and ozone shampoo that ensures that your hair grows faster and up to 7 cm per month. Nowadays we have seven product groups that includes Diamond Hair, Diamond Hair Plus +, Diamond Eye, Diamond Beard Care, Diamond Straight and Diamond Hand & Body Scrub.

Building a personal relationship with our customers is a number one priority for us. We want to show you that online shopping for cosmetics does not have to be boring by trying to create the right experience. The Diamond Cosmetics Europe team has the right knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to guide you through the different channels and best service.

With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in Turkey, we now want to penetrate the European market with Diamond Cosmetics Europe.

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Our Products

Helps for faster hair growth with an effective formula.

An average hair grows approximately 0.03 cm per day and 1.4 cm per month.
After extensive experimentation and research, Diamond Hair has found the formula tospeed up the process. Just like how humanity must be nourished in order to survive, the hairs also needs to be fed in the same way. Thanks to the 2-part mixture and amazing formula hair grows up to 5 times faster.

From now on thicker and fuller hair!

It helps your hair and hair roots to become stronger and fuller and thereby ensures strong hair. Diamond Hair Daily shampoo with 100% natural formula is an activated one
organic compound for damaged and lost hair.

Less hair loss and stimulate growth!

Within the first month of using the Diamond Hair Plus you will notice that the hair loss significantly stops. At the second month the hair growth will be stimulated and start grow small hairs. In addition, plus serum helps the hair to grow faster. By Ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins the hairs will enhance the strength of the existing and weak and increase lifeless hair and make it thicker, clearer and stronger.

Perfectly blow-dried hair in just 5 minutes!

Diamond Hair Straight Spray on damp or wet hair (not applicable on dry hair).
Spray the Diamond Straight to the curlness or length of your hair. Make sure you
spray it evenly over the entire hair with the comb and dry the hair with the hair dryer. If desired, the hair can be styled at medium temperature after blow-drying
the straightener.

Effective formula for beard growth.

Beard which is indispensable for a man knows the problems of thinness, lessness and weakness. It is however desirable that the beards are full and healthy. Diamond beard care set that consists of beard serum, beard shampoo and beard wax ensures that there are full and healthy beards arise.

Thicker eyebrows and longer eyelashes!

Helps to make your lashes thicker, tighter and healthier. Provides removal of thin, weak and slim appearance. Nourishes and revitalizes hair roots.
Dermatologically tested Diamond Eye is a 100% effective herbal (organic) natural serum that helps grow back eyebrows and eyelashes and make you look healthier.

Removes dead skin and lets your skin breathe!

Scrub, which means rubbing and cleaning, is the name we give to a stage of our skin care. Scrubbing is a way to remove dead skin from our skin. Scrubs, that we usually apply under the shower and massage, purifies our skin from dead skin and accelerate our blood circulation.

In addition, all these scrubs with many positive effects owe this property to vegetable oils and salts. It has a positive effect on skin hardening, especially with women. Thanks to the rich nourishing properties of almond and Jojoba oils, it helps to look smooth and healthy after removing dead skin from your skin.

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